Best value ores

Value per reprocessing batch

All ores have a minimum reprocessing batch size of 100 units. This shows how much one batch is worth per ore.

Ore M3/batch Value/batch Security
Mercoxit40002,611,803 ISK0.0
Spodumain1600545,811 ISK0.0
Arkonor1600514,522 ISK0.0
Crokite1600444,147 ISK0.0
Bistot1600423,044 ISK0.0
Gneiss500190,544 ISK0.0
Dark Ochre800149,236 ISK0.0
Hemorphite30062,705 ISK0.2
Hedbergite30054,287 ISK0.2
Jaspet20052,964 ISK0.4
Kernite12024,328 ISK0.7
Plagioclase359,173 ISK0.9
Omber608,018 ISK0.7
Pyroxeres307,232 ISK0.9
Scordite152,789 ISK1.0
Veldspar102,432 ISK1.0

Value per m3

This calculates the value of each m3 of ore based on the yield in minerals and their respective values.

Ore Minerals/m3 Value/m3 Security
Mercoxit0.0002652.95 ISK0.0
Gneiss0.1960381.09 ISK0.0
Spodumain0.2758341.13 ISK0.0
Arkonor0.0970321.58 ISK0.0
Crokite0.0855277.59 ISK0.0
Jaspet0.1083264.82 ISK0.4
Bistot0.0490264.40 ISK0.0
Plagioclase3.4857262.09 ISK0.9
Veldspar41.5000243.19 ISK1.0
Pyroxeres4.7889241.07 ISK0.9
Hemorphite0.2706209.02 ISK0.2
Kernite0.3715202.73 ISK0.7
Dark Ochre0.1831186.55 ISK0.0
Scordite23.0667185.92 ISK1.0
Hedbergite0.1466180.96 ISK0.2
Omber2.7361133.63 ISK0.7