EVE ShipInfo WordPress Plugin

An EVE Online-related WordPress plugin that puts EVE's ships database and EFT fits into your website.

Download v2.6 Screenshot tour

Latest release: 29.04.2017

What does it do?

Using shortcodes, you can link EVE Online ship names in your posts and show inline information about EVE Online ships, including custom ship screenshots independent from the EVE Online website. Each ship also gets its own, fully detailed page in your blog with virtual pages. All EVE Online ships are bundled, including the skinned variants (Abaddon Tash-Murkon Edition) and special edition ships (Mimir) or even those you cannot fly (Immovable Enigma).

With the integrated EFT fittings manager, you can easily import all your EFT fittings, and showcase them along ships, or display specific fittings. With the intelligent importer, you can easily import a friend's fits without overwriting your own, and even edit and add fits as needed directly in the plugin's administration pages.


Interested? Check out the screenshots!