Ship info popups
The integrated popups show the ship's front and side views, as well as all relevant information in easy to navigate tabs.

Ship virtual pages
Virtual ship pages are created dynamically, and do not require any template adjustments.

Ship galleries
With the gallery shortcode, you can create galleries with the exact selection of ships you wish to show.

Detailed ship lists
With the powerful filtering capabilities of the list shortcode, you can access the database in any way you want.

Theme selection
Several layout themes are available for the ship info popups, which can easily be switched in the plugin's control panel.

EFT fittings manager
Manage EFT fittings directly in the blog: choose which to display alongside ship info windows, and insert select fittings with shortcodes.

EFT importer
Easily import all your EFT fits, with powerful functions to update your collection or merge it with a friend's - without losing your favorite fittings by marking them as protected.

Shortcodes overview
Need help with a shortcode? The plugin's admin panel integrates a full documentation for them.

Shortcode reference and examples
Each shortcode's attributes are explained in detail including real world examples.